Qualatex balloons are available in fifty colors, 21 shapes and sizes, plain or printed.
Fashion-tone Colors Standard Colors Jewel Tone Colors Deep Jewel-tone Colors Metallic Colors Light Pearl-tone Colors Deep Pearl-tone Colors
  Fashion-tone Colors - Goldenrod, Georgia Peach, Hot Rose, Spring Lilac, Tropical Teal, Sky Turquoise, Wintergreen & Ivory Silk  
  Standard Colors - Dark Blue, Green, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, Pale Blue  
  Jewel Tone Colors - Diamond Clear, Ruby Red, Mandarin Orange, Ruby Red, Black Onyx, Sapphire Blue, Jewel Magenta, Jewel Lime, Jewel Teal, Citrine Yellow, Emerald Green, Quartz Purple  
  Deep Jewel-tone Colors - Sparkling Burgundy, Onyx Black & Cocoa Brown  
  Metallic Colors - Gold & Silver  
  Light Pearl-tone Colors - Pearl White, Pearl Mint Green, Pearl Light Blue, Pearl Azure, Pearl Lavender, Pearl Mauve, Pearl Pink, Pearl Peach & Pearl Ivory  
  Deep Pearl-tone Colors - Pearl Citrine Yellow, Pearl Ruby Red, Pearl Fuchsia, Pearl Quartz Purple, Pearl Sapphire Blue, Pearl Teal, Pearl Emerald Green & Pearl Onyx Black  
Please remember that colors displayed here will vary with different combinations of software, computers, and monitors and should not be used for precise color matching.